President, Lineal Inc. Architects+, Kingston, MA

Married – Alyssa LaMora
Children – Leo / Isaac

My wife Alyssa and I graduated from Syracuse University in 2001 with a Bachelors in Architecture from where quickly migrated to a blend of design and build in our respective careers. The result of which being that we started our own design build company in 2002 based on Cape Cod MA. “The Cape” is a 50% seasonal vacation destination for mainly second home owners where we specialize in custom coastal homes. Over the last few years, we have migrated our market north to Boston, including the area called “The south Shore” which have proved to work well for exposing us to more project opportunities for peoples primary and secondary residences.

Our company is made up of 4 carpenters, one architect and Alyssa and I. We work on a variety of projects – renovations and new construction – and enjoy the “niche” jobs that require some creative thinking to make it all work.