President, Victor Myers Custom Homes LLC, Bartonville, TX

Married – Heather
Children – Grace / Jacalyn / Jaydon / Jakob / Jonathon

Building was never my aspiration while growing up in East Texas. Much of my time was spent raising livestock, bailing hay
and enjoying the athletic program at a small school. I come from a family where hard work and values were espoused
through word and deed. Much of my drive and determination, as well as my appreciation for family and faith comes from
these developmental years.

After graduating high school, I attended Austin College where I played football while earning a Bachelors degree in
economics. Summer months found me hired on to various construction projects around the country. I cut my teeth
working with a crew building multi-family residential projects. However, after graduating I left the construction industry
and began working a job in corporate finance. Heading into an office before sun rise and leaving after it set soon wore on
me. I longed for the ability to be outside, to experience new environments and to see tangible results at the end of the day.

After months of persistence, and with the recommendation of my college football coach, I was hired on at New Haven
Homes in the Dallas market. During my 11 years at the company I worked my way to the highest position I would be able
to hold. At the point of plateau I also realized that I wanted more out of my career. I had a desire to build better quality
homes that were truly custom. Likewise, I had a desire to build long term relationships with clients that would transcend
the building realm.

In 2003, I started Victor Myers Custom Homes, LLC. Since then, our team has steadily been growing. Today, we build
about $4,000,000 in homes that cross the spectrum. Additionally, we manage a limited number of higher end remodels.
We are continuing to diversify and exploring possibilities such as adding a real estate brokerage firm and enhancing our
builder/developer relationships. What makes us truly unique is that we don’t view ourselves as a custom home builder.
Rather, Victor Myers Custom Homes is a customer service company that builds truly custom homes.

Aside from building, I am truly passionate about my family and our faith. We are an active family and with 5 young
children, life never seems to stop. I am incredibly proud of the woman and mother Heather is. She amazes me each day
with her intellect and beauty. Each of our children have dynamic personalities. It is great to watch them experience life .
Our family are members of Trinity Presbyterian Church where I serve as an elder, Sunday school teacher and member of
the Budget & Finance Committee. Additionally we are involved in Habitat for humanity and Greater Lewisville Cares.